J. C. S. Files: Telegram

No. 174
The Commanding General, United States Military Mission in the Soviet Union (Deane) to the Chief of Staff, United States Army (Marshall)

top secret

Lockup to AGWar for General Marshall from Deane TopSec M 24854.

As directed in War 23447,1 I have queried General Antonov as to the subjects that the Soviet Staff will wish to discuss with United States Chiefs of Staff at the coming conference. Pending his reply, we here believe that the following subjects may be among those raised by the Soviet Staff:

Question of convoying supplies via the Pacific after the outbreak of hostilities. This may be an immediate problem in view of the number of ships that will probably be loaded or enroute at the time hostilities commence.
The question of providing Russia with heavy bombers.
The question of sending Lend Lease cargo via the Atlantic in case the Pacific supply route is closed.
Renewed request for all those items on the Milepost list or on the 28th of May list2 that we have thus far been unable to agree to supply. Among these may be renewed requests for A–26 aircraft, canned meats, shoes, and uniform cloth.
Request to be told our strategic plans.

Subjects which we believe the United States Chiefs of Staff should raise are:

An exchange of estimates of the Japanese situation.
Method of establishing operational liaison effective from the outbreak of hostilities.
Requirements for emergency services and repair for U. S. naval vessels at Soviet ports.
Use of Soviet airdromes for emergency landings of U. S. aircraft.

U. S. Military Mission is preparing studies on most of the above subjects and we shall be prepared to give you our views either at or before the conference. Believe that a decision should be reached prior to arrival as to the extent to which our strategic plans are to be disclosed and also a study indicating the exact status of the Lend Lease supply program.

I recommend that Admiral Maples, General Ritchie and I be directed to attend the conference. We shall be prepared to furnish up to three first-class Russian interpreters if you want us to bring them.

  1. Document No. 171.
  2. These references are to lists (not printed) containing Soviet requests for lend-lease items.