740.0011 EW/6–2245: Telegram

No. 164
The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret

4. To Grew Acting [Secretary], State Dept, Washington, from Stettinius, UNCIO, San Francisco.

With reference to the telegram from Noyes dated June 201 outlining a suggested United States agenda for the Big Three meeting, we have the following preliminary comments. These comments relate to the numbers of topics contained in the telegram:

(5) We note that this relates to the treatment of Axis satellites. We assume that you have given consideration to liberated areas other than satellites. For instance the question of the admission of foreign correspondents into Yugoslavia (if this has not already been settled) might well be considered. The same, of course, applies to Poland and Czechoslovakia.

(6) Policy toward Italy. Item bItaly’s admission to the ranks of the United Nations” as we understand it means the question of the election of Italy to membership in the proposed United Nations organization. We feel that with the signature of the charter setting up an international organization2 the roster on adherence to the United Nations declaration of January 1, 19423 might well be considered closed. It would seem preferable to include this as Item d, that is, the final one on Italy.

Item c under paragraph 6 related to the revision of the Italian surrender terms. Should not the question of the abolition of the Advisory Council for Italy be suggested under this paragraph?

As regards (7) international bases, we feel that it would be preferable for the United States not to take the initiative in proposing the discussion of any questions relating to international bases at this time. Our delegation should be documented to discuss the question if others raise it.

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