824.01/587: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Woodward) to the Secretary of State

459. I have now learned definitely that the expropriation decree (see my telegram 44862) was signed on February 9, by the entire Junta including Taborga, Céspedes and Montenegro and that it will probably be announced in the afternoon February 11 for publication [Page 450] the next morning. The reason for its secrecy so far is said to be to permit preparation of appropriate controls.

The signature on February 9th was evidently before advising the excepted Junta members who did not wish to be branded as opposed to the decree by its signature after their resignations had been accepted. To strengthen the regulations under the decree they will be issued by the reorganized Junta.

[Here follows a report on expected personnel changes in the Junta.]

  1. Dated February 8, 9 p.m.; it reported that the decree included all commercial and industrial organizations related to the Axis (824.01/575).