The Secretary of State to the Uruguayan Ambassador ( Blanco )

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of Your Excellency’s note dated April 3, 1944,25 requesting the delivery of additional war materials to your Government under the Uruguayan-United States Lend-Lease Agreement of January 13, 1942, as well as increased shipments of materials, fuel, machinery and other articles indispensable for the economic life of the Uruguayan people and for the development of its industries.

In furtherance of Your Excellency’s request I have been pleased to recommend to the Secretary of War that prompt and favorable consideration be given to the request of the Uruguayan Government for additional war material with a view to furnishing such military equipment as can be used to best advantage by that Government. I have reason to believe that a favorable reception will be accorded my recommendation and I shall be pleased to advise Your Excellency of whatever reply the Secretary of War may make.

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With reference to supplies for the Uruguayan civilian economy, the records of this Government indicate that in general Uruguay has received treatment equal to that accorded the other American Republics and the civilian population of the United States. If, however, Your Excellency has in mind any specific instance of failure to provide adequately for Uruguayan minimum civilian needs, I should appreciate your bringing it to my attention so that, if possible, an appropriate remedy may be devised.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull
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