Memorandum by Mr. Shiras Morris, Division of River Plate Affairs14

The two matters described in the attached memorandum15 from the Uruguayan Military Mission which has been presented by Señor Yriart16 are “en gestión” only in the sense that Ambassador Blanco is not satisfied with the decisions which have already been made by the War Department concerning them.

The November 9 lists of war material12 desired by Uruguay could not be approved by the War Department because they consist of material badly needed at the fighting fronts and the Uruguayan Military Attaché17 has been so advised already by the War Department. Colonel Johnston18 has informed Mr. Key in S–L that as soon as any of this material becomes available for Latin America the War Department will give sympathetic consideration to Uruguay’s wishes and the Uruguayans have been told this by the War Department already.

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Concerning the request for advanced fighter and bomber training for Uruguayan pilots, Colonel Farías, the Uruguayan Military Attaché, has been twice informed by Lieutenant Colonel Kenyon, War Department, in letters dated January 3 and January 14 that this request could not be honored because advanced training was of necessity restricted to personnel which would eventually enter actual combat at the front. The only Latin American pilots to meet this condition have been some Brazilians who have received this training.

From the investigation of these two matters which has been made it is clear that they had both received the careful consideration of the appropriate Government agency and that the Uruguayan Embassy had been informed of the decisions reached. The Uruguayans’ taking them up again through ARA as though they were something new has only placed an additional and unnecessary burden of work upon S–L and the War Department. It would seen desirable that this situation be discussed with the Uruguayan Embassy with a view to working out a procedure whereby when the Uruguayans are told “no” they will believe it the first time.

  1. Addressed to John K. Bacon, Acting Chief, Division of River Plate Affairs, and Laurence Duggan, Director, Office of American Republic Affairs.
  2. Memorandum not printed.
  3. Juan F. Yriart, First Secretary of the Uruguayan Embassy in Washington.
  4. Not printed.
  5. Col. Medardo R. Farías.
  6. Lt. Col. Winant Johnston, Director, International Division, A.S.F., War Department.