Memorandum by Mr. David McK. Key, Assistant Liaison Officer in the Office of the Secretary of State 10

Referring to your memorandum of January 25,11 the following is a summary of Lend-Lease items extended to Uruguay:

As of September 30, 1943 the last date on which figures had been compiled, the dollar value of air and ground equipment supplied to Uruguay was $845,032.00.

The following are the principal items of ground equipment furnished to Uruguay:

Items Quantity
Mortar 81 mm with mount 12
Links M.G. Cal. 303 29,875
Cartridge Ball Cal. 303 (rds) 101,280
Shell HE lt. 81 mm mortar 2,400
Shell HE heavy 81 mm mortar 480
Shell, Smoke 81 mm 100
105 mm howitzer 6
Shells HE 105 mm 3,480
Telephone wire 63 miles
Ball cartridge cal. 30 25,000
Tracer Cal. 30 8,000
Gas masks 50
Road graders motorized Diesel 50 h.p., 7½ ton with spare parts 2
¾ ton truck weapons carrier 4
Jeeps 4
Revolvers 38 cal. special 100

In addition, telephones, switchboards, radio sets and other items have been supplied.

The following airplanes have been supplied to Uruguay under Lend-Lease:

[Here follows a list of the types and quantities totaling 31 in 1942 and 20 in 1943 supplied to Uruguay.]

[Page 1595]

1944: In addition to the foregoing, 3 AE–1 planes are scheduled for delivery in March of this year and 1 single motor transport C–43 is scheduled for delivery during February.

Naval Material

With respect to Naval equipment furnished to Uruguay under Lend-Lease the value of deliveries to approximately January 31, 1943, the latest date on which figures are available, was $542,982.00. The estimated value, on completion, of Naval Lend-Lease deliveries to Uruguay is $924,080.00.

The principal Naval items sent to Uruguay, aside from Naval planes such as the 9 SNC–1’s and 6 OS2U–3’s listed above are l 173 foot patrol craft and spares (this vessel is awaiting a Uruguayan crew) and a 63 foot aircraft rescue boat.

There is attached a detailed list of Naval equipment12 (including Navy type planes) furnished to Uruguay or which has been approved for shipment to Uruguay by the Navy Department. It is requested that this list be returned to S–L13 after you have finished with it.

David McK. Key
  1. Addressed to Shiras Morris, Division of River Plate Affairs, and Philip W. Bonsal, Deputy Director, Office of American Republic Affairs.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Liaison Office of the Secretary’s office.