811.34533/28: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

99. Admiral Ingram and Naval Attaché had this morning with Minister of National Defense7 and his advisers conference referred to in my 91, January 19.8

[Page 1593]

Naval Attaché reports that Minister was in very receptive mood and told Admiral that Uruguayan authorities are in agreement with his proposal, it being understood that projected air base would be built under Uruguayan direction with assistance of American engineers and equipment, [and] that like other Uruguayan naval facilities, base would be available for use by United States and Allies. Admiral Ingram told Minister that if Navy Department approves, he can have engineers here by middle of February.

I shall endeavor to obtain confirmation from the President tomorrow.

  1. Gen. Alfredo R. Campos.
  2. Not printed.