The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy


Reference is made to recent conversations had by the American Embassy in Mexico City with the Mexican Foreign Office in regard to the critical situation that has developed in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas by reason of the extremely low flow in the Rio Grande.

In accordance with these conversations the Department of State requests the good offices of the Embassy of Mexico with a view to having the competent department of the Government of Mexico release from El Azúcar Reservoir on the San Juan River up to thirty-five cubic meters of water each second for as long as thirty days in such manner that this water will reach the Rio Grande. The Department of State understands that, in view of the grave emergency in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, the two Commissioners on the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, have already engaged in conversations upon this matter and, subject to formal action by the two Governments, have made preliminary technical arrangements to govern this release of water, which, it is understood, would be made without extra expense to Mexico and without charge to the United States.

This requested release of water from El Azúcar Reservoir, if made promptly, will enable the water users in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to supply their most urgent needs and will save them from great and irreparable losses.30

  1. Water released from El Azúcar Reservoir first appeared in the river at Rio Grande City on August 12 and supplied the irrigators of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, during the following 10 days, with approximately 20,000 acrefeet of water. Though not sufficient to counteract the drought, this release was of substantial benefit.