The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy


In further reference to the current water supply situation in the Mexicali Valley, referred to in Memorandum No. 6598 of the Mexican Embassy29 and in this Department’s Confidential Memorandum of July 6, 1944, the Department of State is glad to be able to confirm the information already given by telephone to the Mexican Embassy that on July 19, 1944, this Government through the Bureau of Reclamation began delivering water destined for the Mexicali Valley by means of the All-American Canal and Wasteway. The flow destined for Mexico began at 1000 cubic feet per second and will gradually be increased to reach 3,800 cubic feet per second on July 22, 1944.

In view of the emergency that was facing the Mexican water users, this Department undertook to secure the above mentioned solution to the Mexicali Valley water problem without having previously made a definitive agreement with the Mexican Government. The United States Commissioner on the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, is being requested to draw up, in conjunction with the Mexican Boundary Commissioner, a draft agreement covering financial and other conditions to govern this temporary [Page 1385] delivery by the United States of Colorado River water to Mexico. It is the view of the Department of State that this agreement is to be between the two Governments and that any payments that are to be made thereunder by the Mexican Government for the use of works and facilities controlled and operated by the Bureau of Reclamation will be made to the Government of the United States.

It should also be understood that the United, States is not assuming any obligation to deliver water to Mexico by the above described means beyond the present emergency or in any event beyond the current irrigation season in the Mexicali Valley. Furthermore, delivery in this manner during the current season is not to be regarded as a precedent for the future.

  1. Memorandum dated June 16, 1944, not printed.