811.24522/47: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador ( Scotten ) to the Secretary of State

59. Reference Department’s telegram 59, January 20 [21], 10 p.m. In view of the definite attitude of the Minister for Foreign Affairs33 as set forth in my 54 January 20, 1 p.m.34 and previous telegrams I consider it unlikely that the Ecuadoran Government would be agreeable to postpone the signing of the Galápagos agreement until after the elections. (The elections are in June and not May.)

The Department might find it helpful to ask the War Department to have Colonel Montesinos35 proceed to Washington for a conference. I understand he was largely instrumental in negotiating the draft agreement last year and he will be in a position to explain the atmosphere in which those negotiations were conducted. Should the Department follow the suggestion I consider it advisable that I be ordered to Washington for consultation at the same time.

  1. Francisco Guarderas Pérez.
  2. Telegram not printed.
  3. Col. Serafín M. Montesinos, Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence Section, Caribbean Defense Command.