767.94/1–345: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

14. The Minister for Foreign Affairs announced to the Grand National Assembly this afternoon that the Turkish Government had officially broken off all diplomatic and economic relations with the Empire of Japan and that the action taken by the Government would become effective on January 6.

In his announcement to the Assembly, the text of which is not as yet available to me, Saka is reported to have stated that the decision of the Turkish Government to break off relations with Japan had been taken as the result of a friendly request by the American Ambassador, Mr. Steinhardt, and had been actuated by the friendly [Page 904] attitude of the US towards Turkey plus the fact that the views of the Turkish and American Governments with respect to the Axis countries were the same. He is reported to have further stated that the alliance between Great Britain and Turkey had also actuated the Turkish Government in that request of the American Government had been supported by the British Government.

Shortly after Saka had completed his announcement, the Grand National Assembly voted unanimously to support the action taken by the Government.

Repeated to London as No. 1 and Moscow as No. 1.