767.94/12–3044: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

2434. Reference my 2421 December 28. The Minister of Foreign Affairs asked me to call this morning and after informing me that the Turk Government has decided to break off all economic and diplomatic relations with Japan handed me an aide-mémoire which in translation reads as follows:

“The Turk Government has taken note of the aide-mémoire which the Ambassador of the United States of America on instructions from his Government was good enough to hand the Minister of Foreign Affairs on December 27 concerning a rupture by Turkey of its diplomatic relations with Japan.

“The Government of the Republic notes that the request of the Government of the United States is based on the consideration that such a rupture in constituting a concrete combination [contribution] by Turkey to the Allied victory in the Far East would have the effect of shortening the duration of the World War.

“Thus this Government which ardently desires the rapid and complete victory of the Allies has decided to submit during the session the question of the rupture of its diplomatic and economic relations with Japan to the approval of the Grand National Assembly. Dated Ankara December 30.”

Saka indicated that he did not anticipate any difficulty in obtaining the approval of the Grand National Assembly to the proposed rupture of relations with Japan.

Please repeat to London and Moscow.