890F.5018/4: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Saudi Arabia (Moose) to the Secretary of State

77. My 73 to Department, March 13, 9 a.m. For Landis and Short,51 Jordan passed through Jidda today en route from Riyadh to Cairo. He advised no agreement reached but that he had had detailed informative discussions with King’s Committee and would continue discussions in Cairo. He stated he would welcome American participation in such conversations and suggested I be present, Pending [Page 677] authorization from Washington, I am making plans to come to Cairo March 17.

In my opinion American officials should attend such discussions even if they contribute little. If British reached decision without consulting United States authorities then cooperation on our part would consist of acquiescence.

Sent Cairo. Repeated Department as No. 77.

  1. Livingston L. Short, Deputy Director of American Economic Operations in the Middle East, and second ranking civilian representative of the United States at the Middle East Supply Center, Cairo.