The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (Connally)

My Dear Senator Connally: I wish to refer to your letter of February 4, 1944, regarding the resolution introduced into Congress [Page 564] relative to Palestine, and your letter of February 5, 1944,14 with which you sent me a copy of your letter to the Secretary of War on the same subject.

This Department has received a copy of the reply which the Secretary of War has addressed to you under date of February 7, 1944,15 expressing the view that the war effort would be seriously prejudiced by the passage of this resolution. In view of the military considerations advanced in this regard by the Secretary of War, it is believed that without reference to its merits no further action on this resolution would be advisable at this time.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull
  1. Neither found in Department files.
  2. Supra.