The Secretary of War (Stimson) to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (Connally)

Dear Senator Connally: I have your letter of February 5, 1944 enclosing a copy of S. Res. 24713 and requesting consideration of that resolution and a report thereon.

Because of a suggestion that the passage of such a resolution might have an effect upon the military situation in North Africa and perhaps other Middle Eastern territories, you inquire particularly as to such possible repercussions.

The subject of this resolution is a matter of deep military concern to the War Department. I feel that the passage of this resolution at the present time, or even any public hearings thereon, would be apt to provoke dangerous repercussions in areas where we have many vital military interests. Any conflict between Jews and Arabs would require the retention of troops in the affected areas and thus reduce the total forces that could otherwise be placed in combat against Germany. The consequent unrest in other portions of the Arab world would keep United Nations resources away from the combat zone. I believe therefore that our war effort would be seriously prejudiced by such action.

Sincerely yours,

Henry L. Stimson
  1. A measure drafted identical to the proposed House Resolution (see memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State, January 28, p. 560) and placed before the Senate on February 1, 1944, by Senators Robert F. Wagner of New York and Robert A. Taft of Ohio.