811.248/7–2144: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran ( Ford ) to the Secretary of State

519. ReDept’s 434, July 18, and my 498, July 13. British Chargé d’Affaires3 called on me today about another matter and I took occasion to mention reported AIOC4 application for additional property on Abadan Island.

Although we were not sure, I said it appeared that application might affect land covered by our military installations. My Government [Page 489] hoped to obtain compensation for its investment in permanent works in Iran, and, of course, our prospects in this regard would be diminished if property were held by private owner. I was bringing matter to his attention frankly in interest of mutual understanding.

Lascelles expressed his appreciation of our friendly attitude and said he had heard nothing of any such action by AIOC but would investigate.

  1. Daniel W. Lascelles.
  2. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.