811.248/7–1844: Telegram

The Third Secretary of Legation in Iran (Calhoun) to the Secretary of State

513. Reference Legation’s 498, July 13. Further discreet inquiries regarding Abadan Island property have only confirmed that Anglo-Iranian has applied to acquire an area which probably includes at least part of our military installations. I hesitate to pursue investigations before approaching British since I interpret understanding reached at London by Under Secretary2 to mean that possible sources of misunderstanding such as this should be frankly discussed before these parties have opportunity to misinterpret them. I am afraid Legation’s informal questions may already have given some Iranian officials idea we and British are out to cut each other’s throats on this issue. Please instruct.

  1. For correspondence regarding informal United States-British agreement concerning cooperation in the Near and Middle East, see pp. 6 ff.