891.51A/1181: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran ( Ford ) to the Secretary of State

450. Millspaugh today submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister to be effective June 29. In letter transmitting resignation Millspaugh accuses said [Saed?] government of violation of its obligations under the law for his engagement and the full powers acts and of failing to give him a chance to provide full information to meet the Government’s criticisms. He reiterates his objection to the creation of a separate organization to handle economic matters and states that if the attitude of the Government had been different, the mission would now be on the verge of great achievements. He concludes by stating that the Government’s present policy makes a continuance of any useful work in Iran impossible and that his only course is to resign.

Millspaugh in a note to me transmitting a copy of his resignation states he has come to this decision only after the most careful deliberation and after convincing evidence had been compiled that it is hopeless for him to continue unless conditions change. He also states “that the only possible prospect of changing the present conditions lies in his resigning”. If by quoted statement Millspaugh intends to convey impression that his resignation may cause the Iranians to reconsider, Legation fears he is under a misapprehension.

Millspaugh is calling a conference of mission personnel this afternoon presumably to discuss steps to be taken by subordinate members but there is no definite information yet as to how many, if any, will follow his lead. Legation will telegraph as soon as results of conference are known.