868.48/10–1644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Johnson)

2075. Reurtel 3962, September 29. Current discussions with British here regarding plans for civilian relief to Greece as well as rapidly changing situation in Greece require urgent decision on status of Swedish ships now in relief scheme. Please consult with Swedish Foreign Office to discover whether ships will continue to proceed under safe conduct subject to Allied military control in Mediterranean waters or whether they will immediately be removed from safe conduct and placed under Allied convoy regulations in line with arrangements proposed in your previous discussions. Department fears that program will be jeopardized if this question is postponed for discussion of larger problem concerning shipping pool.

Also, subject to early favorable action by interagency committee here, request Swedish Foreign Office concurrence in proposal that Sandström be instructed to accept suggestions of military authorities regarding distribution and disposition of supplies consigned to Commission and that military authorities be authorized to receipt deliveries of supplies in the name of the Commission should a representative of Commission not be present on arrival of supplies. In view of communications [Page 193] difficulties between Sweden and Greece, Department recommends that Swedish authorisation, if obtained, be telegraphed urgently to Department and London for transmission through military channels to Sandström.