868.01 AMG/9–2544: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile in Egypt (MacVeagh)

Greek 139. The British Government, US Government and the CCS have agreed upon texts of a British agreement with the Greek Government and of a supplemental note to be sent by you on behalf of the US Government to the Greek Government relative to military activities during the initial period of liberation. To protect our cipher the texts are being cabled to Caserta through combined military channels and will be made available to you and to Kirk by military authorities in the theatre. After the British-Greek Agreement is concluded you are instructed to present the note on behalf of this Government.

The draft US note appended to your dispatch no. 229 of September 2511 has been considered by the Department. It is believed that it does not differ fundamentally from the text previously agreed upon here after clearance in London. Repeated to AmPolAd, Caserta.

  1. Not printed.