740.00115 Pacific War/2381: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2675. American Interests—Indochina, Japan. Your 1132, April 4.52 Swiss Legation, Tokyo, reported Gorgé instructed take action as requested telegram under reference but latter replied in his opinion Japanese Government would never permit Filipinos accept relief from American Government and states fears intervention would result no reply or refusal and render more difficult situation Filipinos who expressed loyalty United States. In circumstances Gorgé believes preferable in interests Filipinos not take action indicated and states Swiss will continue assist Filipinos who apply, but latter not numerous as they expose themselves long imprisonment by applying. Foreign Office inquires whether Gorgé’s attitude approved.53 In second telegram Gorgé states after proclamation independence of Philippines,54 Embassy of latter created Tokyo and Japanese Government evidently cannot permit Filipinos receive assistance American Government. Swiss Legation not officially informed thereof but learned several Filipinos arrested for accepting relief. Intervention of Swiss Legation remains without reply and Gorgé believes Filipinos will probably abstain from requesting assistance Swiss.

  1. Not printed; it requested Mr. Gorgé to bring to the attention of the Japanese Foreign Office the action of Japanese authorities in Thailand requiring a Filipino to sign a statement he would join the “Philippine National Government”. (740.00115 Pacific War/2258)
  2. In telegram 1684, May 15, 5 p.m., to Bern, the Department approved the position taken by Mr. Gorgé “in view of existing circumstances.” (740.00115 Pacific War/2381)
  3. For information regarding the setting up of a puppet regime in the Philippines on October 14, see circular telegram dated October 18, 1943, 9 p.m., Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. iii, p. 1105.