711.93114A/74: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison ) to the Secretary of State

2662. American Interests]—China. Department’s 1134, April 4, Legation’s 2270, April 12 and 2534, April 20.49 Foreign Office note April 25 states Fontanel telegraphs that necessary steps taken for payment assistance this week to Americans from funds transferred via Yokohama Specie Bank. CRB 2567 equivalent of United States 110 will be paid for February, March, April and May. Fontanel states CRB 2567 absolutely insufficient for minimum existence, therefore recommends following scale already adopted for assistance British subjects:

Caucasian adult CRB 7100 equalling Swiss francs 1308 or United States 305.60; for married couple CRB 14000 equalling SF 2579, United States 602.57; for married couple with children CRB 17700 [equalling] SF 32261, United States 761.92, each additional child receiving between three and four thousand CRB dollars according age.
Eurasians receive generally 80% accorded Caucasians.
Asiatics receive 60%.50

Fontanel states foregoing equal approximately 65% that which should be accorded view present cost life and represent absolute minimum indispensable subsistence. Further increase cost of life will necessitate corresponding increase relief. In conclusion states these amounts do not include medical expenses and special diet for invalids.

Upon receipt foregoing Legation urgently requested Swiss Foreign Office telegraph Fontanel indicate recommendations for interned as [Page 1032] it is assumed foregoing applies recipients at liberty.51 Also requested lie report number Americans in each category indicated above.

  1. Telegram 2534 not printed; but for summary, see footnote 39, p. 1029.
  2. In telegram 1627, May 10, 7 p.m., to Bern, the Department stated its assumption “that differentials among the three groups are based solely on differences in standards of living and the minimum essential needs of recipients.” (711.93114A/74) Mr. Fontanel’s confirmation of this assumption was reported in telegram 4074, June 26, noon, from Bern.
  3. Telegram 2811, May 3, 6 p.m., from Bern (711.93114A/75), advised of a report from Mr. Fontanel that these recipients were not interned and that they consisted of 197 Caucasians including 74 children, 253 Eurasians including 140 children, and 523 Asiatics including 221 children. Telegram 4065, June 26, from Bern (740.00115A PW/6–2644), advised of a further report from Mr. Fontanel which gave the number of non-internees as 930, including 124 alien wives and children of American internees, a group not included in telegram 2811. Mr. Fontanel estimated their monthly relief needs at 3,998,000 CRB dollars. He also estimated the number of interned Americans and loyal Filipinos at 784 and their monthly relief needs at 1,970,000 CRB dollars.