740.0011 LCC/26: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

1966. Reference Embassy’s 1397, April 22, 3 p.m.19 The Embassy has received a note from Molotov dated May 31, reading paraphrase as follows:

“The Government of the USSR has familiarized itself carefully with the material made available to it which characterizes the work carried on in London by the American Office of War Information and the British Committee for Political Warfare and also the London Political Committee for Coordinating American and British efforts in propaganda matters directed to enemy countries and countries occupied by the enemy. The Soviet Government shares the opinion of the Government of the USA concerning the desirability and importance of coordinating the activities of the USA, Great Britain and the USSR in this field especially in view of the forthcoming events in Europe and it is prepared to take part in the work of the London Political Committee on an equal basis with the Government of the USA and Great Britain. In this connection it is understood that the political committee’s competence will include the working out of the directives to be agreed upon in the coordination or propaganda to be effected by means of radio transmissions by radio stations of the American OWI, the BBC and the All Union Radio Committee [Page 1464] in the enemy languages and languages of enemy occupied countries as well as by means of leaflets which will be disseminated in those countries.”

Sent to the Department, repeated to London.

  1. Not printed.