740.0011 LCC/26: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

1495. Your 1966 June 1, 6 p.m. British Foreign Office has suggested a clarification of possible misconceptions on the part of Soviet authorities of the functions of the LPC in connection with the recent Russian reply agreeing to participation therein. Department and OWI have agreed to the joint presentation by the American and British Embassies in Moscow of this clarifying message, a clear copy of which will be given to you by your British colleague.

The proposed message welcomes decision of the Soviet Government to participate in the work of the LPC but states doubt whether Soviet Government understands that representation on LPC will not be sufficient in order to enable full Russian participation in the psychological warfare program. It is pointed out that the LPC meets only occasionally and then upon the request of OWI and PWE. Complete and continuous Soviet cooperation will only be possible if the Russians participate in the regular PWE-OWI meetings where the current directives are prepared. Hope is expressed that the Soviet Government will appoint a representative not only for LPC but also for equal participation in the directive meetings. After a discussion of the technical organization of OWI and PWE including the composition of LPC it is pointed out that the subjects mentioned in the last sentence of the note from Molotov are handled at the directive meetings and not by LPC.

You are instructed to participate in the joint approach to the Soviet Government on this subject.