840.48 Refugees/5014: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

829. Concerning terms of approach to IGC Director referred to in your 452 January 18, Department suggests that the words “seeking the help or advice of the Committee” in last sentence of paragraph numbered 1 be changed to read “seeking information and advice [Page 991] from the Committee”. It is our view that above change makes clear that the Committee is not expected to assume responsibility for providing material aid but it may act in a consultative capacity.

The following addition is suggested at the end of last sentence of paragraph numbered 2 “and its advice should be sought in each instance. The Committee should be informed of blockade facilities which may be granted by our respective Governments for maintenance of refugees”. It is thought that IGC should be the agency through which activities on behalf of refugees in Switzerland should be cleared and the above addition is intended to clarify this point.