833.6363/211: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

211. Department’s 108, February 9. Based on maintaining 40% plus essentials basis the Embassy recommends that the following extra monthly quantities be allotted: National Frigorificos 700 tons kerosene for farmers and laborers producing exports 1500 tons fuel oil for power plant 2000 tons National Frigorificos is exporting approximately 60% of their production; their 40% basic quota is 325 tons a month; we estimate their minimum to maintain exports is 1025 or 700 extra.

Kerosene requirement is based upon an examination of oil company distribution statistics by areas.

Fuel oil for power plant is our estimate based upon adding to 40% [Page 767] of (1941) which is 2120 tons a month, a quantity sufficient to provide current for export industries which switched from, fuel in 1941 to electricity in 1942 and certain other basic uses such as water supply and sewage pumps. The failure of the Argentine corn crop has cut off further supplies of this fuel which necessitates replacement at least temporarily by the quantity of fuel oil recommended.