Agreement between the United States and Peru concerning an air service, adjunct to the project of developing wild rubber, entered into on February 18, 1943

[The text of this agreement is an enclosure to despatch No. 6148, February 19, 1943, from the Ambassador in Peru, not printed (823.796/261). The agreement provided that the Defense Supplies Corporation should construct such airports as were necessary for gathering wild rubber, on land donated by Peru, using materials made available by but not at a cost to Peru. The Defense Supplies Corporation was to operate the airports and provide and operate aircraft. Peru was to refund certain taxes on the Corporation’s supplies and personnel, grant passport visas, and allow the Corporation to operate radio stations. The agreement was to be coterminous with the rubber agreement between the United States and Peru of April 23, 1942 (see Foreign Relations, 1942, volume VI, pages 664 ff.), and at its termination the airport facilities, except movable items, were to become the property of Peru.]