833.6363/211: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson )

152. Your 211, February 13, 1943. The Supply Committee for Latin America will be instructed to make available to Uruguay an additional amount of 2,000 tons of fuel oil per month, which corresponds to the additional amount you recommended to meet the essential needs of the power plant, and also 700 tons per month for the National Frigorifico. With respect to the latter, however, the Essential Requirements Committee is of the opinion that supplies for both the National Frigorifico and Frigorifico Artigas should be regulated in accordance with any seasonal variation in their operations, and the Supply Committee for Latin America will be instructed to advise the local pool committee accordingly.

From the information now available, the Essential Requirements Committee does not consider that the supplying of kerosene for farmers and laborers is an essential requirement and therefore, in accordance with pool principles, an additional quantity will not be made available for that purpose.

You should inform the appropriate Uruguayan officials of the foregoing and explain that, in accordance with the memorandum handed to Dr. Giorgi on February 3, 1943.14 the above-mentioned amounts to cover the needs of the power plant and the National Frigorifico, which have been ascertained to be essential requirements, will be made available to Uruguay in addition to the total amount indicated in that memorandum and in the Department’s telegram no. 108 of February 9, 1943.

  1. Memorandum not printed.