833.6363/206: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)

108. Department’s 79, January 28 and Embassy’s 153, January 30. In a memorandum handed to Dr. Giorgi on February 3, 1943 concerning Uruguayan oil requirements, a copy of which has been sent you by air mail, the Department indicated that an additional quantity of oil totaling approximately 34,000 tons per year for essential uses has been made available to Uruguay. It was also indicated that detailed information concerning the additional requirements presented by Foreign Minister Guani and Dr. Giorgi for power plant fuel oil and domestic kerosene would be obtained from the committee in Uruguay in order that those amounts also may be taken into account.

The above-mentioned approximate total of 34,000 tons includes the 2,500 tons per month (30,000 per year), recommended in your A–15, January 1211 and the 3,000 extra allotment which the local supply [Page 766] committee has already been instructed to supply Frigorifico Artigas (your telegram no. 3, January 212 and Department’s 27, January 913). The Supply Committee for Latin America has been instructed to make the 2,500 tons per month available to Uruguay.

The Department wishes you to consider the above-mentioned additional requirements, presented by Foreign Minister Guani and Dr. Giorgi, for power plant fuel oil and domestic kerosene, which were listed as 5,000 tons and 1,908 tons, respectively, in the Department’s telegram under reference, as though they had been presented in accordance with the usual pool procedure, and telegraph your views for presentation to the Essential Requirements Committee. The Department also wishes similar consideration given to the request for additional supplies for the National Frigorifico, which had not previously been presented and which is included with Artigas in the Department’s telegram under reference.

Please endeavor to ensure that the Uruguayan authorities concerned clearly understand the proper method for the presentation of any further requests, and reiterate that the basic pool formula continues to be 40 percent of 1941 civilian consumption plus approved essentials with deliveries contingent upon the vicissitudes of war. It is most important that Uruguay, as well as the other countries concerned, does not have the impression that it is receiving any fixed percentage (such as 62 percent) other than the basic 40 percent plus essentials.

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  2. The reference is to telegram No. 3, January 2, from the Ambassador in Argentina, not printed.
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