Mr. Harry A. McBride, Special Representative of President Roosevelt in Liberia, to the President of Liberia ( Barclay )17

Dear Mr. President: With reference to the credit in the amount of $1,000,000, which is to be established for Liberia by the United States Government it is my understanding that the Liberian Government will make use of the credit for defense purposes in the following manner:

Approximately $150,000 for the payment locally of an increased Frontier Force;
Approximately $200,000 to be expended by the United States War Department in the construction of an access road between the Roberts Field Airport and Fisherman Lake;
Approximately $600,000 for the construction of permanent roads, such construction to be performed under a contract which would be granted to an American firm considered competent for the purpose by the United States War Department, employing the machinery which has been used in the construction of Roberts Field Airport and which will be turned over for the construction of Liberian roads;
The remainder to be used for further equipment of the Frontier Force for such items as, uniforms, housing, sustenance et cetera, and for improving Liberian radio communications.

It will be gratefully appreciated if you will be good enough to confirm this understanding if it is in accord with your wishes.18


H. A. McBride
  1. Copies of this letter and the two letters infra were handed to the Assistant Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Villard) by Mr. McBride upon his return from Liberia.
  2. Mr. McBride subsequently indicated that there was no reply from President Barclay.