611.9131/164: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran (Dreyfus)

111. Your 38, February 12, 4 p.m.85 The Department has been endeavoring for some time, in connection with the trade agreement conversations, to obtain assurances from Mr. Saleh that the Iranian Government would be willing to consider the granting of reduced rates on duty in the proposed trade agreement on certain specified products imported from the United States. Mr. Saleh has indicated that he is not in a position to give assurances in this regard, and apparently has been unable to obtain any definite reply to the telegrams which he has addressed to his Government requesting authority to give us the required assurances.

You are requested therefore to take up this matter with the appropriate authorities (Mr. Saleh suggests the Ministry of Finance) pointing out that in advance of public notice of intention to negotiate a trade agreement with Iran your Government would wish assurances that the Iranian Government would be prepared during the negotiations to consider reductions of duties or supplementary charges, as well as bindings of such duties or charges, on products of interest to the United States.

If the Iranian authorities indicate a willingness to give such assurances you should suggest that they instruct Mr. Saleh to this effect immediately.

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