Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. James J. Durnan of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

Mr. Saleh called today in connection with the proposed trade agreement with Iran. He stated that he had studied the proposed list of products to accompany the public notice of intention to negotiate a trade agreement with Iran, in conjunction with Mr. Amerie, the Iranian Trade Representative in New York, and Dr. Nasr, a member of the Iranian Trade and Economic Commission, and found it acceptable except for a few minor points which he would discuss with us at a later date.

Mr. Saleh added that he was not yet in a position to give us a definite reply to our request for assurances that the Iranian Government would be willing to consider granting reductions of duties and supplementary charges on products of interest to the United States in the proposed trade agreement. He stated that a reply to the telegram which he had addressed to his Government on the subject had simply indicated that tariff reductions on particular commodities could be included in an annex to the agreement which itself would require approval of the Iranian Parliament. Mr. Saleh did not feel that this reply was satisfactory and said that about ten days ago he had sent a further telegram to his Government in an effort to obtain clarification of the matter, but so far had received no reply.

Mr. Saleh asked whether I thought the Department would be willing to request our Legation at Tehran to take up the matter with the Iranian Ministry of Finance. I informed Mr. Saleh that I did not believe there would be any objection in the Department to this procedure as we were most anxious to get the matter cleared up.