893.01A/172a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

915. Technical Experts.

Following instructions apply to all technical experts assigned to assist the Chinese Government under cultural relations program.
Experts will be under the general supervision of the Embassy. The Chinese Government will inform them of the nature of the assistance it desires.
With the Embassy’s approval, experts may use the communications facilities of the Embassy.
Experts will be expected to keep the Embassy informed of their activities to the extent that the Embassy considers desirable, and will be so informed by the Department.
The Embassy is requested to make periodic reports on the activities of each of the experts as well as on the general progress of this phase of our Government’s contribution to China’s war effort.
Each expert will carry a letter of appointment and travel authorization, which he will present to the Embassy upon arrival in China.
Embassy will make payments provided for in travel authorizations on vouchers approved by the competent officer of the Embassy. Payments will be charged to “19–112/30006.009 Emergency Fund for the President, National Defense (Allotment to State), 1942 and 1943,” and taken up in the regular accounts but not included under State Account of Advances.
Although payment of their travel expenses within China will be authorized from the above allotment, it is hoped that the Embassy can make arrangements with the Chinese authorities for the Chinese Government to pay transportation expenses of the experts while within China and carrying out instructions of that Government.