The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department of State refers to the British Embassy’s aide-mémoire of August 29, 1942 in regard to a proposal by the Chinese [Page 723]Government that the Far Eastern Development Company, a British firm, send technical experts to China, and wishes to thank the Embassy for its courtesy in furnishing the information contained therein. It is noted that the British Embassy desires an expression of the Department’s views in the matter and asks to be informed whether a similar approach has been made by the Chinese authorities to any American concern.

As regards the question of the desirability of the proposal, it would seem to us that this particular phase of the matter is one which would lie between the Chinese Government and the British Government. If the Chinese Government should desire the services of such experts, and if it appears that their services would make a concrete contribution to the common war effort, there would not, of course, arise any question of any deterrent considerations on the part of this Government. If the project is carried out, the Department of State would appreciate receiving any information in regard to the work of the technical experts and the results of their mission which the British Government might care to make available. It may be added that there has been some preliminary consideration within this Government to the sending of an economic group to China, but the matter has not so far been discussed with the Chinese Government.

So far as the Department is aware no similar request of an American firm has been made by the Chinese Government. Inquiry in the matter is being made by telegraph of the American Embassy at Chungking and if any affirmative information is received the Department will expect to inform the British Embassy in due course.