811.42793/828a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

953. The Department desires to enable six Chinese universities to select one representative each from their professorial staffs to come to the United States for residence of about one year in order that such representatives may have the opportunity to benefit themselves by further studies in their particular subjects and benefit their institutions through contact with developments in the general educational field. Opportunity would likewise arise for them to bring Chinese educational and other needs to the notice of interested parties by lectures, speeches, or interviews. Representatives should be selected with these points in mind. Each man would receive $10.00 per diem from day of departure from China until return and $500 for the purchase in the United States of needed equipment. Transportation costs will be defrayed abroad and in the United States and travel to and from the United States will be by air if this can be arranged but candidates should be willing to travel by sea. The American Government assumes no responsibility in connection with travel risks. The Department contemplates, unless the Embassy perceives objection, extending invitations to the National Central University Chungking, National Southwest Associated University Kunming, National Yunnan University Kunming, National Sun Yat Sen University Kwangtung, National Szechuan University Omei, and Wuhan University. The [Page 725]Department would prefer that each institution be given responsibility for selecting its own representative and therefore would suggest a direct invitation but since appointees must ultimately be approved by the National Government invitations may be sent through National Government channels rather than directly, if this seems desirable. Unless the Embassy perceives objections, it is authorized to send invitations at once and afford necessary subsequent assistance in carrying out this project. In order that arrangements may be made for travel the Embassy should telegraph name of each appointee and approximate date of departure as soon as notification is received.