Rabbi Stephen S. Wise to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

Dear Mr. Welles: Since writing you on August 7th on the subject of possible changes in the political structure of the Near East, additional confidential information has reached us tending to confirm earlier reports that serious conversations are in progress in Cairo and other centers. Whether or not commitments are being made, which would affect or involve the status of Palestine is not yet clear, but there are indications that plans are contemplated which would affect the position of Transjordan and draw it into association with Syria rather than with Palestine. Transjordan is of course historically, and in many other ways, a part of Palestine, and is administered under the same Mandate as is Western Palestine. We must therefore regard any change ill the status of Transjordan as seriously affecting vital Jewish interests in Palestine as a whole.

During your absence I have received from Assistant Secretary Berle an acknowledgment31 of the letter and memorandum I sent to you, but we have as yet no information regarding any action in this matter; though we assume, of course, that you have taken the action you so kindly offered to take in your last conversation with Dr. Neumann.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen S. Wise
  1. Not printed.