1. For correspondence regarding the negotiations for the transfer of American destroyers to the British Navy and for the establishment of American naval and air bases in British possessions in the Western Hemisphere, see Foreign Relations, 1940, vol. iii, pp. 49 ff. The correspondence on the negotiations for the agreement regarding leased naval and air bases was so voluminous that it was deemed necessary to omit much of the detail from Foreign Relations. The papers here printed were selected to show the main problems involved and the position taken by the United States with respect to them.
  2. Continued from Foreign Relations, 1940, vol. iii, pp. 132142.
  3. For correspondence regarding the Reciprocal Trade Agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom, signed November 17, 1938, see Foreign Relations, 1938, vol. ii, pp. 1 ff. For previous preliminary discussions regarding trade agreements with New Zealand and Australia, see ibid., 1937, vol. ii, pp. 203 ff., and ibid., 1939, vol. ii, pp. 325 ff., respectively.