Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs ( Murray ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

Mr. Welles: It would be very helpful to us in preparing a reply to Dr. Wise if you could let me know whether, in point of fact, you made to Dr. Neumann the offer referred to in the last paragraph of Dr. Wise’s letter.

The nature of the alleged offer is set forth at the end of a memorandum which Dr. Wise transmitted with his letter to you of August 7, in the following language:

“We would therefore respectfully suggest that it would be most helpful if the American Government would elicit from the British Government authentic information on this subject as well as an assurance that it does not intend to carry on negotiations or make commitments involving a change in the legal and political status of Palestine or a derogation of the position of the Jewish National Home, whether by promoting a union between Palestine and other territories, or otherwise; and that no steps will be taken without previous consultation with the government of the United States.

“We wish to record our gratitude to you for so kindly offering to act promptly in this matter, and to express the hope that we may be informed of the result in due course.”

This Division does not appear to have any information as to whether any commitments were made in the course of the conversations which Drs. Wise, Goldmann and Neumann had with you.

Wallace Murray