The Department of State to the Ecuadoran Embassy 31


The Federal Loan Agency of the Government of the United States has received an application from a United States citizen for a loan to be used in carrying out an investigation of the possible existence of sulphur deposits and other resources on Albemarle Island of the Galápagos Islands, with a view to the eventual development of such resources on a large scale, possibly including wharves, roads, dwellings, landing fields, radio stations and such other facilities as might be required. The applicant has indicated that the properties developed would be leased from the private owner or owners, and that permits to extract minerals would be requested from the appropriate agency of the Government of Ecuador.

Before giving consideration to this application, the Federal Loan Agency wishes to be advised whether the Government of Ecuador would approve in general the possibility of the activities outlined, and whether the Government of Ecuador would recognize the lease by private Ecuadoran citizens of properties on Albemarle Island for the purposes mentioned.

  1. Handed to the Ecuadoran Ambassador on July 1. The Ecuadoran Government gave its approval on July 19, 1940.