822.796/204: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Long) to the Secretary of State

179. Foreign Minister informed me he had not conferred with our officials at Habana16 regarding Sedta. He asked what reply had been made to intimation that a credit be made to Ecuador for eliminating Sedta. I replied none. He agrees with Minister for National Defense that the better way would be for Panagra to come here immediately, get its authorization for local mail and service, inaugurate same and Ecuadoran Government will collaborate towards elimination of Sedta which ought not to take more than 4 months. He added same results might be obtained after inauguration of Arroyo but it would be easier to have preliminary steps taken now with those familiar with negotiations.

In response to my request Dr. Tobar indicated that as soon as Panagra service was installed, or before, if this was certain to be done, no objection would be raised to placing Sedta on blacklist but this action under present conditions might have unfavorable reaction.

Kindly instruct me if any further action by the Legation is desired.

  1. At the Second Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the American Republics, July 21–30, 1940; see pp. 180 ff.