822.796/184: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Long) to the Secretary of State

140. The Department’s telegram No. 87 was presented in accordance with the Department’s instructions and the general outline was accepted in principle with the exception of points mentioned below, also that the elimination of Sedta must be undertaken by Panagra, in which the Ecuadoran Government will collaborate. That is, Panagra [Page 838] will provide three international services weekly, with the fourth via Esmeraldas, Cali and Cristóbal, also serve in Ecuador all points now reached by Sedta immediately ground facilities are avialable. Ecuadoran Government desires Panagra services completely planned before actually putting on pressure to eliminate Sedta. Ecuador has the service now satisfactory for Sedta but fields at Loja, Cuenca and possibly Manta will need amplification for Douglasses while they are satisfactory for Junkers. Any improvement required for Panagra type planes to be undertaken by Panagra.