839.51/4864: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Scotten) to the Secretary of State

165. From Wilson. Referring to my 160, September 5, 10 p.m.,33 in respect to an exchange of notes on claims of American citizens Despradel told me today that he had been in telephone communication with Bonetti in New York who accompanies General Trujillo,34 that Bonetti stated that an arrangement would be constructed but that the General desired to negotiate it in the United States. I showed Despradel a draft of a note from the Dominican Government to the United States Government which I felt would meet the necessities. It included the suggestions in your No. 135, September 6, 8 p.m. He declared himself in entire accord both with yearly provision in the budget and yearly payment to creditors of $125,000.

I subsequently brought up the matter with President Troncoso. He stated that he was convinced that the present was the time for the Dominican Government to act in this respect and that he felt convinced that General Trujillo to whom full powers had been given would be in a position to work out a satisfactory arrangement with us.

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Both of these gentlemen informed me for the first time that General Trujillo had also received full powers to sign with the Secretary of State the convention just initialed.

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  • [Wilson]
  • Scotten
  1. Not printed.
  2. Rafael L. Trujillo y Molina, Chief of Staff of the Dominican Army.