839.51/4848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Scotten)

124. For Wilson. Your numbers 144,16 145,17 146,18 14718 and 148.19 The Department is giving very careful consideration to the proposed text of convention and press release and to your comments thereon. Detailed comments will be telegraphed very shortly and the Department does not feel it useful to telephone until it has been able to complete its consideration.

It is the Department’s view that it has been exceedingly generous in offering to meet the Dominican Government halfway, and it feels that the Dominican Government must be equally generous in considering the point of view of this Government and especially the reactions of the bondholders and of the Senate and American public. For these reasons the Department feels that it must insist upon all of the eight points previously laid down as minimum requirements.

The Department is carrying out extensive minor revisions of wording, is preparing a redraft to combine articles 8 and 9 into one coherent article, and is entirely redrafting article 5 to attain precision in the terms of the Dominican undertaking.

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