810.20 Defense/9–940: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Braden)

178. Your 260, September 9, 10 p.m. The War and Navy Departments state that they perceive no objection in principle to occasional exchanges of visits between officers of the United States Army and Navy and officers of the defense forces of other American republics, but that they feel that through existing military and naval attaches and our military and naval missions it should be possible to maintain effective liaison between our defense forces and those of the neighboring American republics adequate for normal purposes. If specific and complicated problems should arise at a later date, it may be necessary [Page 77] to exchange liaison officers, but the War and Navy Departments do not desire that the American officers representatives should initiate at this time any suggestion for periodical exchange of liaison officers. However, should the subject be broached by the Colombian or Ecuadoran representatives, our own officers are authorized to manifest friendly and sympathetic interest and to say that they will be glad to refer the suggestion to their Departments for consideration.