The Ambassador in Cuba ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State

No. 378

Sir: Supplementing my despatch No. 373, of June 5, 1940, I have the honor to report that the transitory provision covering the moratorium has not yet been published in the Official Gazette. It is reliably reported, in this connection, that the President is endeavoring to prevent its publication. It is reliably reported also that the President is conferring with counsel in order to determine whether or not there is some manner in which he can veto the provision, on the ground that it is legislation and is therefore subject to his veto, or in which the provision can be declared invalid.

A movement has developed within the Assembly to modify Decree-Law No. 522. This movement, headed ostensibly by the communist leader, Marinello, has so far not gained great headway.

Respectfully yours,

George S. Messersmith