832.796/248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil (Burdett)

387. The Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board desires to take advantage of Gates’95 presence in Rio de Janeiro to have him make, with your assistance and advice, a discreet and prompt investigation of the purported invitation of the Brazilian Director of Civil Aeronautics to the Pan American Airways to take over Condor’s Rio–Buenos Aires international service and Panair’s Rio–Porto Alegre domestic service. The CAB is anxious to obtain without delay Gates’ opinion on the desirability of accepting the alleged proposal by PAA.

As the Department attaches the utmost importance to this matter, especially as it affects developments toward increases in cabotage privileges to international carriers (which, in the light of this Government’s policy vis-à-vis the de-Europeanization of internal air services in the other American republics, would be regarded with misgivings—see the Department’s instruction no. 801 of July 30), you are requested to designate a member of your staff to follow the investigation in person.

  1. Samuel E. Gates, Civil Aeronautics Board.