810.20 Defense/6–1240: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Braden) to the Secretary of State

154. For Under Secretary. My No. 151, June 11. Interview with the Minister of War89 this morning could not have been more cordial. Chief of Staff, Assistant Chief of Staff, Chief of Air Corps begin conversations with Ridgway this afternoon. Minister of War will use members of our naval and military missions, particularly the former, as technical advisers. … he recognizes “fifth column” peril and said last remaining German employee (in minor position) of Ministry would be discharged within 2 or 3 days.

He stated instructions to aforementioned officers were to have frankest, friendliest and most detailed discussion possible and Colombia would cooperate with us to the limit of her abilities. He did, however, [Page 66] emphasize need for our assistance in price and terms of purchase of aviation, revenue cutters and other military equipment. As soon as training planes are received (which based on my talk with President Roosevelt I hope may be at an early date), he declared intensive training campaign would be initiated and to this end four officers now in United States would be recalled to act as instructors under those of our mission.

He likewise was most appreciative of Secretary Woodring’s90 invitation for Colombian Chiefs of Staff and Air Corps to visit United States.

  1. José Joaquin Castro Martinez.
  2. Harry H. Woodring, Secretary of War.