832.24/269: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil (Burdett) to the Secretary of State

619. For the Under Secretary. Reference my telegram No. 618, November 27, 10 [9] p.m. The following article appeared in this morning’s Brazilian newspapers.

[Page 640]

“The National Department of Press and Propaganda furnishes us the following:

The steamer Siqueira Campos of the Lloyd Brasileiro Line, which sailed from Lisbon for Bio de Janeiro at the beginning of last week, was detoured from its voyage by the British control patrolling the Atlantic and taken to Gibraltar.

The Siqueira Campos carries for Brazil, in addition to general cargo furnished with navicert, military material belonging to the Brazilian Government which was ordered in 1938 in Germany and paid for prior to November 28, 1939. The Brazilian Government hopes that this delay is only for the examination of the general cargo as is usual under present conditions and believes that the British Government will give due facilities for the free passage of the Siqueira Campos.

All the passengers and crew are well, according to information received by the Foreign Office here.”