The Bolivian Legation to the Department of State


Complying with the request of the Metals Reserve Company, in connection with the possible purchase of Bolivian tin concentrates, that it be supplied with the necessary detail as to the amounts available in different grades and the price at which they could be sold to the Company, the Legation has been instructed to advance the following:

1. Price: $0.45 per pound, delivered at the ports of Arica or Antofagasta (Chile).

2. Payment: 90% cash, against documents certifying delivery of the ores at the said ports.

3. Amounts: approximately, between 1,600 and 1,700 tons of tin concentrates monthly, the average grade being 45%, and the various quantities and grades being those already specified in the Legation’s Memorandum of August 3 last, as follows:

1,144 tons grade 50% to 65%
75 40% “ 50%
199 20% “ 40%
209 under 20%.

The Bolivian Government understands that the purchase of Bolivian tin concentrates herein contemplated may serve as the basis for a later and more permanent agreement which would include the establishment of tin smelteries in the United States. Some clause to that effect might be inserted in the sale contract to be now formulated.

Although the purchase will be limited, this time, to only part of the Bolivian tin production, it may be extended, later on, to include the totality of it, whenever conditions would advise it, as was indicated during the conversations preceding the original offer.

In this connection, the Bolivian Government wishes to reiterate to the Government of the United States its sincere desire to arrive at mutually convenient terms, so that a permanent and satisfactory arrangement may be reached with reference to this important strategic material.