810.20 Defense/228: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

476. Aranha tells me that on Saturday President Vargas called a meeting attended by Aranha, Dutra, Góes Monteiro, Under Secretary and the Chief of Staff of the Navy. They again discussed military cooperation with us and again decided that Brazil would place all of her resources on our side in case of aggression. This was decided, said Aranha, “without any reservations”.

However, some one had sent Dutra a collection of clippings from newspapers in various parts of the United States containing articles attacking President Vargas and the Brazilian military authorities, who were much incensed. Aranha attempted to explain about freedom of the press, et cetera. Vargas remarked that he does not allow attacks in the Brazilian press on President Roosevelt or against the United States in any form. They discussed suing some of the papers for libel, et cetera.